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Valemount is located on the Yellowhead Highway 5, near the northern tip of Kinbasket Lake, 300 km south of Prince George, 320 km north of Kamloops, and 120 km west of Jasper. Valemount is nestled between the Rocky Mountains, the Monashee Mountains and the Cariboo Mountains. Valemount is the home of Mount Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies (3,954 m), and at the watershed of the Fraser and Columbia basins.

Valemount is a rural community of approximately 1,000 residents on an area of 4.96 km2. Valemount is also the commercial centre for another 700 people who live in the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George (Area H), from Albreda to Small River.

119° W 15’
52° N 46’
800 m 2,667 ft


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