Valemount 5 Business 5 Street Vendor Permits

Street Vendor Permits

If you would like to operate a food truck or sell goods out of a mobile unit in the Village of Valemount, you must hold a current Street Vendor Permit.



    What type of Street Vendor Permit do You Require?

    If you are planning to operate 21 days or less per year, you require a Street Vendor I Permit. If you plan to operate more than 21 days per year, you will require a Street Vendor II Permit.

    Alternate Location:

    If you wish to operate at a location not specified in the Street Vendor Bylaw, you will need to request an alternate location. If you are operating for more than 21 days per year, the fee for the Alternate Location Application process is $450.00, and Council Approval is required for the application to be approved.

    Street Vendor Permit Fees



    Daily Fee (up to 10 days/year)
    Street Vendor I
    Street Vendor II


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