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Press Release: Village of Valemount Official Community Plan (OCP)

By Wayne Robinson, Chief Administrative Officer
on May 12, 2021

Press Release

After a year- long process of engaging citizens, The Village of Valemount is happy to report that the Official Community Plan (OCP) has been adopted.
Previously updated in 2006, the OCP addresses some significant challenges facing the Village of Valemount including:
• Increasing unaffordability of housing,
• homeowner and development limitations due to out-of-date regulations,
• limited pedestrian and transportation connectivity,
• the lack of industrial and employment lands for job creation and economic diversification,
• flat population growth,
• minimal development and commercial investments,
• and far-reaching infrastructure with a limited taxation base, which increases property taxes and utility fees per capita over time.
The OCP is tackling these issues by increasing the flexibility and permissions within the land-use designations and zones. This is demonstrated through:
• Introduction of mixed-use areas to promote infill and vibrancy in our commercial centers.
• The addition of employment lands and light industrial zones to provide significant opportunities for live-work developments. This can improve economic diversity, sustainability and increase property tax revenue and local job creation opportunities.
• Development of a parking strategy to reduce congestion and increase access to the core Village centre.

Any questions can be directed to the Chief Administrative Officer, Wayne Robinson.
Telephone: 250-566-4435
Email: cao@valemount.ca

View the OCP document here
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