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Why 17th Avenue is being paved and not Dogwood Street

By Wayne Robinson, Chief Administrative Officer
on Jun 07, 2021


With the announcement of paving 17th Avenue, a lot of inquiries were received wondering if Dogwood Street will be paved at the same time.

17th Avenue is being paved through funding provided by the Trans Mountain Expansion Project in recognition of the increased amount of heavy traffic that is travelling over this road to access the sewage treatment plant where they dump their sewage for treatment. Dogwood Street is not a stated major travel route for Trans Mountain, so it falls outside of the scope of their operations.

17th Avenue has all of the required underground infrastructure installed (water and sewer), Dogwood Street does not. When lots are developed to the north or south of 17th Avenue, new services will not need to be installed under 17th Avenue. Any pavement laid on Dogwood Street will need sections to be cut out and replaced when services are installed.

The Village understands that air quality is a significant concern for the community and residents along Dogwood Street. The Village will have the local highway maintenance contractor conduct dust control measures throughout the spring and summer. The product that will be applied to Dogwood Street has been used in the desert to solidify airstrips composed of sand in desert environments. Dry weather is required for application of the product and staff are continuously monitoring the weather forecast to time its application for it to be most effective.

If you have any further questions regarding Dogwood Street, please contact Wayne Robinson, Chief Administrative Officer at 250-566-4435 or by email at
Paving 460 x 240

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