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Zoning Bylaw: Quick Facts

By Krista Etty, Land Use Planner
on Sep 15, 2021



A Zoning Bylaw regulates how land, buildings, and other structures may be used. It is a key implementation tool for the Official Community Plan (OCP). The OCP sets forth the vision; the Zoning Bylaw implements that vision through regulations on development and land use. Zoning Bylaws divide the municipality into zones, name each zone and establish unique parameters for each zone.   


Knowing your zoning is important whether you already own a property or are looking to purchase a property. Do you want to open a B&B, a retail store, build a large shop, or have a home-based business? The Zoning Bylaw will tell you what is permitted and any regulations that would be relevant.  

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Zoning 460 x 240

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