The Valemount cemetery is located near the center of town on 4th Avenue, between the local fire hall and Centennial Park.

Interment options include traditional burials for both full-casket and cremated remains. There is a memorial wall located at the Cemetery where the public may place plaques in memory of loved ones.


Plot Reservations/Interments

Carleena Shepherd, Corporate Officer


Memorial Wall

Jennifer Scheller or Rundi Anderson, Administrative Services Clerk



Wood Stove

Cemetery Hours and Maintenance

  • The cemetery hours are 7:00 am to 8:00 pm every day.
  • Cemetery grounds are maintained by the municipality.
  • The Village kindly asks that family members be responsible for the maintenance or repair of memorial markers, floral tributes or other mementos.


  • Interments are to be scheduled from Monday to Friday, between 9AM and 3PM. Those scheduled after hours or on weekends or holidays are subject to additional fees.
  • A burial plot will accommodate 2 full burials (if the first is at sufficient depth), or 1 burial with up to three additional cremations.
  • A cremation plot will accommodate 2 inurnments (cremated remains).
  • All fees associated with an interment in the Cemetery are due prior to the interment taking place.

To arrange an interment in the Valemount Cemetery, please contact the deputy Corporate Officer above.

Plot Reservation Form

Memorial Markers


  • Up to two memorial tablets will be permitted on each cremation grave space; the second tablet will be installed at the discretion of the Public Works Superintendent, as space permits.
  • notwithstanding the above, a cremation grave space containing an existing upright memorial will not be permitted a second memorial marker.
  • up to three memorial markers will be permitted on each full burial grave space, with only one upright memorial permitted per space; the upright memorial will only be permitted if it is the first to be placed on the grave space.
  • All markers to be placed in the Cemetery will comply with Village of Valemount Cemetery Bylaw No. 685, 2012, as amended.
  • Fees will be administered for the placement and removal of memorial markers in the cemetery; the village is not responsible for the disposal of memorial markers.

Marker Permit Application

Memorial Wall


  • A memorial plaque may be purchased through and installed by the Village on the memorial wall located at the Valemount Cemetery.
  • All memorial plaques to be placed in the Cemetery will comply with Village of Valemount Cemetery Bylaw No. 685, 2012, as amended.

To arrange for the placement of a memorial wall plaque in the Valemount Cemetery, please contact the Administrative Services Clerk above.

Memorial Plaque Form