Emergency Management

Emergencies can occur at any time! Although we may not be able to predict when an emergency situation will happen, the Village of Valemount is committed to providing the information and plans needed to keep our community safe. 

The first 72 hours following a disaster are when you will need to be the most self-sufficient: first responders will be busy with the incident, you may need to leave your home and the area quickly, and there will not be the time needed to gather the supplies and documents you require. 

Take the time now to prepare! The information and links provided through this website page will assist you in planning and preparing for the personal safety of yourself, family members, pets and property.

Emergency Contacts

Emergency 460x310 01 Emergency 460x310 01

Voyent Alert

Voyent Alert! is a communication service utilized by the Village of Valemount to keep you informed of emergency events and ongoing updates. Registration for the service is free. Follow the information sheet link for more details of the service. 

If you use an android or apple device click the links below to download.  Alternatively, If you would like to sign up and receive alerts via email, text, or voice dial follow the link to the right.

Register for Email, Text, Voice Notifications here:  https://register.voyent-alert.... 

What You Should Know

Current Emergency Situations

All current incidents and emergency activations can be found here.

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Personal & Family Preparedness

Residents need to plan and prepare for personal, family and pet safety for the first 72 hours following a disaster.

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Emergency Kits

Whether you purchase or make an emergency kit, ensure that you are ready in the event of a disaster or emergency.

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Community Preparedness

Information on Community Preparedness.

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