CBT Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Program

The CBT CIP/AAP programs support local projects that provide additional value to Basin communities and that benefit the broad community and public good. Program funds are distributed annually to the Trust’s local government partners.

Because of Valemount's proximity to the Kinbasket reservoir and location at the northern most point of the Columbia Basin we are eligible to offer this program.

Local Contact

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2021 Program

Applications are now being accepted to the 2021 CBT CIP/AAP intake.  

Applications must be completed and submitted via the online application form found to the right. Please read the 2021 Program Guidelines before completing your online application. The application worksheet contains all questions found on the online application and can be used as a tool to assist you in completing your application.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss your project, or need assistance completing your application, please contact the Grant Clerk.

CBT CIP/AAP Adjudication Committee

The Adjudication Committee’s role is to make recommendations to Council regarding which community organizations should receive funding from the CBT Community Initiatives and Affected areas Program.

The Village of Valemount seeks volunteers to fill vacancies on the Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Program Adjudication Committee (CBT CIP/AAP) on an annual basis. See below for openings on the Committee.

There are no positions open on the Committee at this time.

2020 Projects

All projects that received funding approval in 2020 and have been granted extensions must be completed by December 31, 2021.  Those with incomplete projects may apply to the 2021 intake only if the delays were due to COVID-19.  This is approved on a case by case basis.  Please contact the Program administrator for more information.

Final Reports for 2020 projects are due by December 31, 2021. the Final Report Template can be found to the right.