Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program

The Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program (formerly the Wood Stove Exchange program) is designed to provide rebates/ incentives for residents within the municipal boundaries to replace polluting old wood burning appliances to efficient, alternative forms of heating such as an electric heat pump, propane or pellet stoves and CSA/EPA-; certified wood burning appliances.

The program provides rebates up to $3,130!

Why participate in the program?

Valemount has been listed as having the worst air quality in the province. We have increased levels of PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter, plus an array of nasty chemicals from idling, burning of garbage, and wet wood.

Although we can’t control all sources of air pollution, one of the primary sources you can control is how you operate your wood stove. Using a CSA/EPA approved appliance and using good wood burning practices can have a significant impact on reducing wood smoke output.

By participating in the Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program as well as following the wood burning tips found below, we can take a step towards improving our air quality and the health of the residents of Valemount.


Program Coordinator

Tracey Dennis, Grant Clerk


Wood Stove


New Rebate amounts effective September 16, 2021 will cover the cost of the appliance and any additional costs (installation, materials etc.) to a maximum of the following:

  • Non EPA/CSA certified wood stove to CSA/EPA certified wood stove replacement – $1,300
  • EPA/CSA certified appliance (more than 5 years old) to an alternative heat source replacement – $2,750 (electric heat pump – $3,000)
  • Non EPA/CSA certified stove to alternative heat source replacement – $2,750
    (electric heat pump – $3,000)
  • Non EPA/CSA certified stove (used as a secondary heat source) replacement – $1,000

Each replacement is eligible for an additional $130 (maximum) towards permit/inspection fees.

2022 Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program

Applications for the 2022 program are now open.  

Check out the FAQ sheet and program brochure for program details.

Please contact the program coordinator with any questions or to determine eligibility.

Wood Burning Practices

Can’t participate in the program?

You can still make a difference in improving air quality by following good wood burning practices.  We’ve put together a guide of Wood Burning Tips to help you follow wood burning best practices safely.