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Resident Directed Grants (ReDi Grants)

Resident Directed Grants (ReDi Grants) are a program of Columbia Basin Trust (the Trust), designed and funded by the Trust, and delivered by local governments and First Nations (delivery partners).

Program funds are distributed annually so delivery partners can select and fund projects in accordance with overall guidelines that are established by the Trust. Project selection must include an opportunity for resident input, resulting in community-based funding decisions.

Because of Valemount’s proximity to the Kinbasket reservoir and location at the northern most point of the Columbia Basin we are eligible to offer this program.

Applications are no longer accepted as the deadline has passed. 


Valemount Secondary Schoold

ReDi Grants Adjudication Committee

The role of the ReDi Grants Adjudication Committee is to assist the Village of Valemount Council in the selection and prioritization of proposed community projects to receive funding from the Columbia Basin Trust – Resident Directed Grants (ReDi Grants) Program each year.

It is a “Select Committee” of Council composed of up to six residents of Valemount or the Fraser Fort George Regional District Rural Area H, as well as one appointed Council Liaison. The Council Liaison is a voting member of the Committee. The Village of Valemount, Grant Clerk coordinates the Adjudication Committee and is a non-voting member.

2024 Committee Meeting Dates


Results of Public Evaluation

To find out the results of the public evaluation, please click here.

2024 CBT ReDi Grants


Organization Funds Applied For Funds Awarded
Robson Valley Spay & Neuter Society $    4,000.00 $    4,000.00
Valemount and Area Recreation Development Association $120,000.00 $120,000.00
Valemount Community Sports Day Association $  57,500.00 $            0.00
Valemount Curling Club $ 50,400.00 $            0.00
Valemount Elementary School Parent Advisory Council Society $  68,775.00 $            0.00
Valemount Entertainment Society $  40,059.54 $  40,059.54
Valemount Secondary School Parent Advisory Council Society $ 20,000.00 $            0.00
Valemount Senior Citizens Housing Society $110,000.00 $  61,900.00
Yellowhead Outdoor Recreation Association $ 22,000.00 $  22,000.00
Totals $492,734.54 $247,959.54
Funds Available $372,652.75 * Funds to be carried over to 2025: $124,693.21


2024 Projects

All projects that received funding approval in 2024 must be completed by December 31, 2024 unless an extension has been granted. Final Reports for 2024 projects are due by January 31, 2025. The Final Report Template can be found to the right.