Valemount 5 Services 5 Snow Removal & Road Maintenance

Snow Removal & Road Maintenance

Snow Removal Priorities

It is expected that in winter, there will be situations when the immediate demand for snow and ice control measures will exceed the available resources of the Village. In order to maximize the use of the available resources, operations will be conducted according to the following priorities:

  1. Priority: Emergency Routes, including the main streets in the Village (5th Avenue and the Hwy 5 frontage road); and the street by the ambulance station.
  2. Priority: The streets by both the secondary and elementary schools.
  3. Priority: The remainder of the residential streets and the two alleys immediately to the North and South of 5th Avenue, between Birch and Dogwood Streets.
  4. Priority: Residential alleys will only be cleared after all of the above have been cleared, sanded, and salted.

Most municipalities DO NOT remove windrows. However, the Village of Valemount does make every effort to provide this service ONLY after the above 4 priorities have been completed.

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  • When snowfall is 10 centimeters or more, the Village will clear one pass of downtown sidewalks prior to business hours.
  • At all other times, the clearing of sidewalks along 5th Avenue between Dogwood and Birch Streets will be the responsibility of the landlord/tenant.
  • Sidewalks must be cleared of snow by 10 a.m. on weekdays, and within 24 hours of a snowfall over 10 centimeters on weekends.
  • Sidewalks are expected to be kept to a condition to allow safe use by pedestrians. Handicapped ramps are to be kept to bare condition, or if impossible, then sanded.
  • Sidewalks shall receive ice control measures by the tenants and landlords after snow clearing if conditions require.

Downtown business, please remember to use environmentally friendly ice remover and avoid salt and ice melt which damages to trees on 5th.


To reduce the possibility of getting a row of snow in your driveway opening when snowplows clear your street:

  • Create a snow collection pocket by clearing an area for the snow being pushed by the plow.
  • Shovel in the same direction as the traffic while piling the snow downstream of the plow.
Winter Snow Removal Requirements

With the arrival of snow, we would like to remind all residents of the following in order to assist the Village crews with the ongoing snow removal process on Village streets:

  1. Please remove all vehicles, trailers, campers, structures, and all other obstructions from the Village boulevards that may impede with snow plowing.
  2. Please keep all roads, lanes and alleys clear of all obstructions including overnight parking of cars. Property owners are to provide off-street parking. The Village crews often plow early in the morning or late in the evening and these vehicles/items will prevent the proper snowplowing of the streets. Parked vehicles that continually impede snow clearance will be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  3. Please place your garbage bin on your driveway (close to the street) when crews are plowing to not impede with the plowing of snow.
  4. Property owners are prohibited from removing snow from private property onto any boulevard or lane. Property owners that continually remove snow in this fashion shall be invoiced by the Village for the time spent on activities related to clearing this obstruction.
  5.  Please be kind to our employees they are working hard to get the roads cleared as quickly as possible so everyone can get to their destination safely.