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Water and Sewer Services

Sewage Treatment

The Village of Valemount operates a sewage treatment plant originally constructed in 1980 with upgrades in 2008. Sewage is transported to the sewage treatment plant using 17 km of sewer lines and 9 lift stations.  The sewage treatment plant can treat up to 1500 cubic meters of waste per day.  The village has an agreement with Ducks unlimited not to chlorinate the effluent, it is disinfected prior to discharge into Cranberry Marsh using U.V. radiation. The aquatic environment of the marsh is supported by effluent from the sewage treatment plant and natural run-off. Ducks Unlimited acknowledges the importance of the effluent in maintaining the water level of the marsh and highlights the positive impacts of the effluent on marsh productivity and wildlife use.

Water Treatment

The water treatment plant was built in 2010 and can treat up to 5,500,000 liters of water per day.  Water reservoirs can store up to 1,981,000 liters of water.  The Village’s water source comes from Swift Creek. The watershed encompasses the entire drainage area of Swift Creek and occupies an area approximately 13,232 hectares. Located to the northwest of the Village of Valemount, the watershed topography consists of rugged terrain dominated by large, steep mountains. Elevations rise towards the northeast where the highest point is recorded at 2,580 meters. Water is carried to the water treatment plant from the pump house for treatment than distributed via 22 km of water lines to the community.

Valemount VIC

Fats, Oils, and Grease in Sewer Lines

Please do not pour fat, oil, or grease (FOG) down the drain!!

When FOG are disposed of down the drain, it lines the Village’s wastewater system which can result in sewer backups, costly damage, and inconvenience to homes and businesses.

Restaurants and commercial kitchens must show proof that their grease interceptor has been cleaned each calendar year before they will be issued a business license.

For more information and tips on how to store and dispose of FOG, check out the FOG brochure.