Clean Air Task Force


To explore all options to improve air quality in the Village of Valemount, and to make recommendations to authorities having jurisdiction to take positive actions to reduce
negative influences on air quality in the valley.


  1. To improve air quality in the community,
  2. To create awareness of best practices to avoid, reduce or eliminate activities and/or sources which degrade air quality in the community.


  • to create educational awareness for responsible practices in wood burning for home heating;
  • to work with the Province of B.C. to institute an Air Quality Monitoring Program (install air quality monitoring equipment) in Valemount;
  • to reduce root causes of negative air quality contributors in the Canoe Valley; and,
  • to develop an effective ‘Idle Free Zone’ program in Valemount.
Valemount Secondary Schoold

Committee’s Documents – Agendas and Minutes

Terms of Reference

Agendas and Minutes