Property Taxes

Property taxation is the main source of revenue for local governments. This revenue helps provide money to pay the costs of local government services such as general administration, planning, transportation, drainage, libraries, protective services, and parks & recreation. It is a tax levied on the value of land and improvements. Municipalities may levy property value taxes for their own needs, and can levy taxes on behalf of other public authorities.


Tax Rates for the year 2023

Bylaw No 877, 2023 Tax Rate Bylaw

Valemount VIC


Water services, sewer services and solid waste collection fees are collected separately from property taxes. …

Property Taxes

Property taxation is the main source of revenue for the Village of Valemount. It helps defray the costs of local …

Municipal Tax Sale

Learn more about the annual Municipal Tax Sale held at 10:00 am the last Monday of September. …

Home Owner Grant

The home owner grant reduces the amount of property tax you pay for your principal residence. …

Current Municipal Taxes

Property Taxes are mailed prior to the last week of May. If you do not receive your notice by mid June, please call the Village Office to request your tax bill. Non receipt of a tax notice does not excuse a property owner from payment.

Please ensure your Home Owner Grant (see above) is received by the due date to avoid any penalties. A 10% penalty on current outstanding taxes and unclaimed Home Owner Grants will be levied after the due date.

Tax Rate Bylaw