Mayor and Council

Village council is made up of a Mayor and four Councillors, elected by the general public for a four year term. Municipal councils are empowered to address the existing and future needs of their community by making collective decisions that are recorded in bylaws or resolutions. Each member of council, including the mayor, is entitled to one vote on matters that come before them for discussion and decision. Such matters are wide-ranging–for example, regulatory bylaws such as animal control, services such as fire and police, land use regulation such as zoning, fees and property tax bylaws, and key plans such as the official community plan and five year financial plan (budget).

Ultimately, municipal councils are responsible for the delivery of local services to their community and the actions taken by the municipality. As municipalities are legislatively recognized by the B.C. government as an order of government within their jurisdiction, these responsibilities are undertaken largely independently with limited oversight by other levels of government.  As such, Council has adopted Policy 85 – Council Code of Conduct to help guide their conduct as they work towards Council’s Strategic Priorities 2023 – 2027.

Valemount VIC


Owen Torgerson


Hollie Blanchette
Donnie MacLean
Hugo Mulyk
Pete Pearson

Council Services

Public Hearings

Learn more about public hearings including how to attend or participate in a public hearing. …

Meet your Council

Council is made up of the Mayor and four Councillors. Learn more about each Council member. …

Attending Council Meetings

Council Meetings are held in Council Chambers located at the municipal office; 735-Cranberry Lake Road. …

Appear before Council

Learn more on how you can appear before Council. …

Agenda and Minutes

Find current and past meeting agendas and minutes for Council and Committees of Council. …