Appear before Council

Village Council meetings are held at 7:00 PM the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise approved by Council.
See the 2024 Council Meeting Schedule

Contributions to the agenda must be received by the Village Office by noon on the Tuesday (7 days), prior to the meeting. Presentation materials, video or PowerPoint, must be submitted to the Village by 12:00 noon on the Friday before the meeting.

To confirm the meeting schedule or for information on the agenda, please contact the Deputy Corporate Officer.

Valemount VIC

Deputy Corporate Officer

Delegations to Council

If you would like to address Council as a delegation please review the following information and complete the application below.  For more information please contact the Deputy Corporate Officer.


What you should know:

  • All comments and questions must be addressed to the Mayor and not to individual members of the Council.
  • Each address to Council must be limited to 15 minutes, unless a longer period is agreed to by a unanimous vote of those members present, and will be restricted to the subject matter in the application form as included on the agenda.
  • Council will not resolve any course of action in response to requests or inquiries arising at a delegation.
  • Except at the discretion of the Corporate Officer, where a delegation is accompanied by a letter of request, said request will not be considered at the same meeting as the delegation to Council.

Public Comments

Most local governments provide time for residents to address the council or board. All comments and questions must be addressed to the Mayor and not to individual members of the council. The mayor is usually addressed as “Your Worship” in recognition of the importance and dignity of the office. Persons addressing council are required to state their name and area of residence for the record.

All Comments must be regarding an item on the current agenda. Public Comments can also be submitted up until 12 pm on the day of the Council meeting. Staff will read them out on your behalf. For more information see

Delegation Application

If you want to address Council as a delegation, please download the fillable Delegation Application form below and submit the completed form to the Deputy Corporate Officer by email at:

Contact the Deputy Corporate Officer for further information.