Attending Council Meetings

Council Meetings are held in Council Chambers located at the municipal office (735 Cranberry Lake Road).  Council Chambers are accessed via the council chamber door found at the lower level of the building. 

All council meetings are open to the public and members of the public are welcome to make comments during the public comment portion of each council meeting.

Public Comments can also be submitted up until 12 pm on the day of the Council meeting. Staff will read them out on your behalf. Comments must be regarding an item on the current agenda, and no commitments shall be made by Council in replying to a question. If your submission does not meet Public Comment requirements, it will not be presented at the meeting. See public comment requirements below.

*Due to COVID-19, the public can not attend  Council Meetings in person at this time.  Council Meetings will be live streamed over YouTube on the “Villa Valemount” YouTube channel. Public comments can be made via the chat function below the video.  Use the link below to watch & participate in the public comment portion of Council Meetings. See below for more information.*

      Council Chambers 460x310 Council Chambers 460x310

      Attending via YouTube live stream:

      • To watch Council Meetings no account is required, simply use the YouTube link below.
      • To submit a comment during the public comment portion of a Council Meeting, you will need to have a YouTube account. Once logged in you will use the chat function below the video live stream.
      Comments can be made via YouTube at any time during the council meeting and will be read out during the public comment portion of the meeting. 

      Join the next council meeting from home

      Our council meetings are now live-streamed.

      You can now watch the Council Meetings from home live streamed on Valemount's YouTube channel

      Watch on Youtube
      Access meeting agendas

      Next Council Meeting

      7:00pm, 25th May, 2021