Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw Update

The Village has adopted the Official Community Plan (OCP) and is in the process of updating the Zoning Bylaw.  We are currently engaging citizens on the zoning bylaw.  

Project Timeline

  • Project Start: June 2020
  • Community Engagement: August - November 2020
  • Draft Plan and Consultation: December 2020
  • Plan Approval Process: January - June 2021

Village Contact

Consultant Contact

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Upcoming Events

The Village of Valemount is in the final stage of engagement for the Official Community Plan and Zoning Bylaw update. This stage focuses on the draft Zoning Bylaw, which will implement the Village’s Official Community Plan (adopted May 11, 2021). The Zoning Bylaw establishes rules (bylaws) for the use and construction of land and buildings in the Village – such as what you can do (uses), and setbacks, size and height limits for buildings.

The Draft Zoning bylaw can be found to the right. Don't have time to review the entire draft? View the summary of the Draft Zoning Bylaw.  

Past Events

March 15 - Online Engagement Open House and Survey

September 14 – Lunch Stroll

A walk on 5th Avenue with the OCP team to discuss Valemount’s downtown. 

September 15 – Outdoor Workshop

Put your vision for Valemount on the map! An interactive visioning session.

September 16 – Big Ideas Reveal

The OCP team presented and discussed early ideas, maps, and illustrations.

August 11, 2020 - Online Pep Talk and Strategic Direction Setting Workshop with Chris Fields

View the presentation here

July 13, 2020 - Official Community Plan Walk and Interview

View the walk on YouTube here 

What We Heard

The final round of public engagement in the OCP and Zoning Bylaw process remained online due to COVID-19 restrictions, and included a public survey focusing on key areas of the draft Zoning Bylaw (residential zone policies; mixed-use zone policies; and employment, industrial, commercial zone policies).  Several materials were available on the Village website including:  

  • The draft ZBL and map available for review and comment
  • A summary of key topics
  • Online / paper copy survey

These materials were shared with key stakeholders and the OCP Support Committee via email for direct feedback.  Two Village staff discussions were held on May 13.  Nine community members completed the survey and ten staff participated in the workshops.

    In March, with COVID-19 restrictions still in place, engagement continued online. The draft OCP was available on the Village website for review and comment. It was shared with key stakeholders for direct feedback. A summary of key topics and an online / paper copy survey were available which focused on key “hot topics”, such as accessory dwelling units, short term vacation rentals, downtown & mixed-uses and more. A webinar was hosted for the pubic on March 15 via Zoom and the Village YouTube Live channel. See the What We Heard Report to the right

    The final engagement phase of the Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaw update took place during November / December, with the opportunity for the public to give input as the Draft OCP is completed. The Draft Directions Engagement took place online through a series of webinars and a survey designed to gather feedback on specific policies. See the report on the feedback from this engagement to the right

    Public involvement in the Valemount OCP Project is key to ensure chosen strategies, policies and regulations reflect citizen’s current vision for their community and address present-day concerns. The September Engagement Week was a significant in-person engagement session to speak with council, citizens, and various stakeholders within the community. Themes for the week centered around priorities for the future, opportunities for growth, identifying concerns, and discussing solutions. See the What we Heard Report to the right.

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