Village Staff

Each staff member is responsible for particular operations within the municipality.  If you are looking for a particular staff member or department see the directory below.  If you would like to contact a particular staff member please visit the Contact Us page.

**Due to COVID-19 staff are unable to accept walk in appointments at this time.  We ask that you contact the person you are trying to meet via phone or email to discuss your inquiry and set up an appointment if needed.** 
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Staff Directory

Wayne Robinson

Chief Administrative Officer / Corporate Officer

The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is the overall manager of Village Administration and Operations. Being Council’s only Staff member, the CAO is the link between Village Council and Village Staff.

The Corporate Officer (CO) is a statuary officer position as required under Section 148 of the Community Charter. The CO ensures the proper administration of all Council and related Committee business, including but not limited to taking of minutes, keeping of bylaws and ensuring access to records as required by law. The CO administers oaths, affidavits and declarations under Acts relating to local governments, and receives all documents, correspondences and notices on behalf of the Village.

The CAO is also the acting Bylaw Enforcement Supervisor for the Village of Valemount.

Lori McNee

Director of Finance

Reporting to the Chief Administrative Officer the Director of Finance provides financial administration and supervision over the finance division for the Village of Valemount. This includes legal advice and proceedings, awarding tenders, human resources and general administration.

Carleena Shepherd

Deputy Corporate Officer / Bylaw Clerk

The Deputy Corporate Officer is responsible for Council Meeting Agendas and Minutes, various licensing and permitting processes, Cemetery Administration, Records Management and the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Administration. 

The Bylaw Clerk handles Bylaw Enforcement Administration.

Silvio Gislimberti

Economic Development Officer / Tourism Administrator /IT

The Economic Development Officer acts as the municipality’s primary economic development contact and implements economic initiatives of the municipality. The Economic Development Officer’s role includes work at a strategic, operational and implementation level such as seeking funds, developing partnerships, creating and implementing plans, and managing projects.

Krista Etty

Land Use Planner

The Land Use Planner is responsible for activities and inquiries related to land use, development, zoning, long term planning, parkland and trails within Valemount. 

Suzanne Bloodoff

Deputy Director of Finance / Emergency Program Coordinator

The Deputy Director of Finance is responsible for payroll, human resources, health/safety plan and financial tasks as delegated by the Director of Finance. 

The Emergency Program Coordinator is in charge of emergency management including planning, training, documentation and active emergency files and serves as the Emergency Operations Centre Deputy Director.

Dean Schneider

Building Inspector

The Building Inspector is responsible for issuing building permits and completing building inspections and fire /safety inspections. 

Trevor Pelletier

Public Works Superintendent

The Public Works Superintendent provides expert professional assistance to the CAO in areas of expertise including engineering, municipal water, sewer collection, wastewater collection, street maintenance, building and landscape maintenance. Other responsibilities include policy development, program planning, fiscal management, administration, and operational direction of the Village’s public works, water distribution, sewer and wastewater collection system and maintenance functions.

Jennifer Robinson

Tourism Marketing Coordinator

The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for marketing and promoting the Valemount area. The Marketing Coordinator is the liaison between the Village of Valemount and Tourism Valemount and acts as the supporting staff person for Tourism Valemount.

Tracey Dennis

Grant Clerk / Communications Coordinator / Emergency Administrator

The Grant Clerk is responsible for completing and submitting funding applications and completing grant reporting on behalf of the Village of Valemount as well as offering Grant Writing services to the community. The Grant Clerk oversees funding programs offered by the Village including the Community Initiatives Program, Façade Program, and Wood Stove Exchange Program.

All advertising and social media is handled by the Communications Coordinator; this includes website updates, facebook posts, monthly newsletters, and weekly newspaper ads.

The Emergency Administrator assists the Emergency Program Coordinator with emergency management tasks.

Darcie Kwasnycia

Administrative Services Clerk / Public Works Administrative Coordinator

The Administrative Services Coordinator handles all front desk responsibilities including assisting the residents with property tax or utility inquiries, general inquiries, processing payments, and facility bookings.  The Public Works Administrative Coordinator supports the Public Works department with administrative tasks.

Cassandra Knelsen

Visitor Information Centre Coordinator / Accounts Payable Clerk

The Accounts Payable Clerk is involved in providing financial, administrative and clerical support to the organization as well as Coordinating conferences and training for staff. 

The Visitor Information Centre Coordinator is responsible for staffing, administrative duties, training and overseeing the operation of the Visitor Information Centre.

Public Works

Our focus at Public Works is the provision of safe potable water, operation of the wastewater disposal system (sewer) and maintenance of roads and sidewalks. Other related responsibilities include garbage collection, cemetery maintenance (burials/headstone installations), and infrastructure maintenance (water and sewer systems, Village buildings and properties, street lighting and the airport). The Public Works team includes: 
  • Sandy Janum- Foreman, Sewage Treatment Plant Operator 2
  • Melanie Hystad- Water Treatment Plant Operator 2
  • Danny Schnell- Water operator 1
  • Dave McRae- Sewage Treatment Operator 1
  • Rob Bustin- Sewage Treatment Operator 1
  • Kevin Chalupa- Labourer