Valemount 5 News 5 Emergency Preparedness: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

Emergency Preparedness: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

by | May 2, 2022 | News

Excerpts from Prepared BC
on May 02, 2022

Disaster Risk Reduction is like a puzzle. It works when all the pieces fit. We all have parts to play in preventing hazards from becoming disasters and lessening the impacts when they occur.

This is called an “all of society” approach, which means citizens, governments, communities, critical infrastructure operators, non-governmental organizations and volunteers are working together to diminish risks and reduce the time it takes to recover.

As climate change increases the frequency and severity of weather-driven emergencies, it’s critical we plan and prepare collectively. Only then will we be more resilient.

Individuals must be responsible for their personal readiness. This starts with learning about disaster risks then taking steps to increase household, neighbourhood and community preparedness.

Know the risks where you live

Gather emergency supplies

Create and practice an emergency plan

Evacuation and Recovery Resources

Visit for more information on personally preparing for emergencies, or follow along on Facebook and Twitter.

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